We have reached our goal of over 1,000 pre-registrants and now we are on to formal enrollment for the Citywide Curbside Compost program.  Information will be made available soon on the cost of the program and procedures for formal enrollment. Some basics:

Because of our high registration numbers, base charge for the program will be $35/six months, or $70 per year, well below going rates for comparable services in other communities.  Each participant will register directly with Black Earth Compost, the service provider for the Curbside Compost Pilot Program the last two years, and the service provider going forward now with the Citywide program.  Separately, the city of Beverly will be providing a “trash fee partial exemption” of $20/year to property owners.  It will appear as a $5 credit against the trash fee in each quarterly water bill.  this represents the trash expense savings the city will enjoy as a result of the compost program.

That makes the annual cost of the program (for property owners taking advantage of the exemption) just $50/year . or $0.96 cents per week.

Renters are strongly encourage to participate, though they will not be directly eligible for the trash fee exemption because they do not directly pay a trash fee (the landlords do).  We encourage renters to talk to landlords about taking advantage of the exemption for the renter’s benefit!

Many thanks to the many people who are helping expand this program in dramatic fashion.  No single effort is more effective in reducing waste than composting.  The thousands of pounds of organic waste we send off happily in our green curbside bins to the phenomenally good people at Black Earth Compost every week (to be returned as beautifully black, nutritious garden soil) represents 35% or more of our waste in Beverly.  Simply put, that’s huge.  It’s worth hundreds of thousands of dollars in cost savings for the city.  It’s less to toss into the incinerator, less to dump in the land fill, less to clog our water purification systems when it is thrown down the badly-named “dispoze-all”, and MORE GOOD NUTRIENTS TO RETURN TO THE SOIL.

It’s an impressive and powerful display of literally “cleaning up our act”.

Onward to a better future, and thank you again . . .

The BCAN Compost Team