Beverly Citywide Curbside Compost Program Information

Frequently Asked Questions

HOW DO I ENROLL? Simple!  Click this link for the enrollment form: Complete the online form, submit it, and you’re on the way!

  • WHEN DOES THE PROGRAM START?  September 2017
  • IS THERE AN ENROLLMENT DEADLINE?  No.  Anyone in the city of Beverly can now sign up at any time.  HOWEVER, if you want service to begin in September, you should enroll by Sept 1.
  • I LIVE IN A CONDOMINIUM OR APARTMENT.  CAN I PARTICIPATE?  Yes.  You may have to check first with the condominium association or building management.  But from our end, as long as you have an address, you’re good to go.
  • I OWN A SMALL BUSINESS IN BEVERLY.  CAN I PARTICIPATE?  Yes.  You should contact Black Earth directly to discuss details.
  • HOW FREQUENT ARE PICKUPS? Curbside pickup is weekly.  The Pickup day for your location will be determined soon and you will be notified
  • ARE BINS PROVIDED? Yes. Every participant will be supplied with a wheeled 13 gallon curbside cart like the one pictured above, and a countertop bin
  • WHO IS THE COMPOST SERVICE PROVIDER? : Black Earth Compost, serving Beverly, Salem, Manchester.  Black Earth Compost has been the service program for the pilot program the past two years.
  • WHAT CAN I COMPOST? Black Earth is a professional composting facility, so you can compost much more than you can at home. Virtually anything organic is compostable in a professional compost facility: ALL food waste (including meat, bones, shellfish, etc), compostable bags and utensils, soiled paper (paper towels, tissues, napkins), soiled cardboard (like pizza boxes), wine corks, wax paper, parchment paper. DO NOT INCLUDE yard waste (which is often contaminated with chemicals and pesticides and should go to the Standly street composting facility), no plastics of any kind, no cartons of any kind (milk, juice, soup etc), no diapers, animal waste, or cat litter. For more information, click here to see Black Earth’s composting guide.
  • WHAT DOES IT COST? $35 every six months, with a $20 rebate ($5 discount on your quarterly trash bill) from the city for property owners. That brings the annual cost to under $1 per week!
  • DO I GET ANY FREE FINISHED COMPOST BACK? YES! Every spring, 12 gallons of pristine, beautiful, nutritious black earth soil will be provided to each household that wants some.

Thank you for your interest!!  And don’t forget to let others know!  ANYONE WITH AN ADDRESS IN BEVERLY CAN SIGN UP NOW AT ANY TIME!