BCAN is a brand new, just-getting-started network of Beverly citizens who want to get stuff done. We’re getting in touch, getting together, and getting organized — not just to raise our voices but to roll up our sleeves. It’s about what we can do ourselves, not what we can cajole others into doing. We can make things happen right here, right now, in our city, on our own. We call it “municipalism” and we think it has the power to move.


Join BCAN to contribute your ideas and skills to a network of people who want to get things done. Membership is free forever, and open to all residents of Beverly. It should be a convenient resource for you to plug into and explore, learn about what’s going on, find the sources you need to answer questions and move things forward, and find others to collaborate with who share your interests and concerns. Join a team or, better yet, start one. Propose a project. Join with others in turning great ideas, both large and small, into concrete action.


We focus on several manageable projects at a time, while providing the opportunity to start new projects or add to existing ones. We know that having good ideas is not enough. Concentration and organization are required to turn thoughts into action, dreams into reality. To be effective, BCAN must be open and flexible — in terms of the range and nature of projects, how they are pursued — and, at the same time, focused and disciplined –about achieving completion.

Completion is the goal, whatever the project is — building a windmill or building affordable housing; installing solar panels on the roofs of elementary schools or making room for bikes and pedestrians on “livable streets”; helping Beverly become a zero waste or 100% renewable city or the first city in New England to make gigabit fiber broadband available to residences and businesses alike.

If you can, Beverly can.


Citywide Curbside Compost

After a hugely successful two year pilot program, we’re ready now to roll the program out citywide in September.

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Broadband/Fiber Internet

Beverly, like so many communities in the US, has only one broadband provider. Without competition, we’re stuck with poor service at a high price.  We are working hard to bring competitive, state-of-the-art gigabit fiber internet to Beverly, at an affordable price.  Pay much less, get way more!

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